Origin’s principals and co-investors have invested equity and loan capital in a wide variety of quoted and unquoted early-stage technology companies, but we will consider other sectors too. We are are most interested in companies where there is identifiable intellectual property (but not necessarily patent protection), and where the key members of a strong management team are already in place.

Typical unquoted investment rounds are £50k – £2m, with pre-money valuations of £200k – £10m. We are happy to co-invest with other institutions and business angels and will lead syndicates where appropriate. Unquoted investments are often accompanied by board representation, with the aim of contributing skills, experience and contacts to the investee, as well as facilitating investment monitoring.

Quoted company market capitalisations are typically £10-200m.

The funds we deploy are those of our principals and a small network of co-investors.

The list opposite shows some (but not all) of our current or exited investments.

Prospective investees and co-investors are invited to contact us.