Early-stage technology investment

Origin’s principals invest in early-stage unquoted businesses and smaller quoted companies. We also have a small network of co-investors who participate in our unquoted transactions (but not quoted ones).

Most of our portfolio companies have a technology focus, for example high-value manufacturing, life sciences, software and IT infrastructure, but we also have interests and experience in financial services, consumer products and media.

The unquoted investment transactions we participate in are typically £50k – £2m in round size, with pre-money valuations of £200k – £10m. Quoted company market capitalisations are typically £10 – 200m.

Where appropriate, we can offer consultancy services to investees, as well as to non-portfolio companies.

Our team comprises individuals with backgrounds in business consultancy, accountancy, banking and venture capital. We have extensive first-hand experience in early-stage enterprises in the sectors where we work.

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