Latest News from Origin

Spectral Edge: Computational image processing – new investment

Spectral Edge is using computational techniques to combine visual spectrum and infra-red data from the same image. This can significantly improve clarity, detail and colour representation. Such improvements are much sought after by phone manufacturers and others. We participated in an early-stage round alongside institutional and angel investors.

Scancell realisation – 5.5x money

Scancell develops DNA-based vaccines for cancer therapy, and potentially other indications. We invested in the company in three separate funding rounds, in 2008, 2010 and 2011. We sold our holding in the latter half of 2015, realising just over 5.5x cost, equating to an IRR over the life of the investment of 37% pre-EIS benefits, or 44% including them.

Naturemetrics – New investment in genetic environmental monitoring

Naturemetrics is using DNA and other genetic approaches to assess the presence of organisms in natural environments. We have participated in a seed-funding round alongside the Iceni seedcorn fund and several individual angel investors.